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If you have decided to study abroad then the next step is to finalize the country of your interest. A best option can be China. China is holding a great history of educational background. It shows how the literacy rate is going up in China. It is providing an ideal life style with modern and up-to-date educational environment.  China has taken so many important steps for each level of education, that’s the reason it is producing outstanding ratio of literacy rate day-by-day.
To get an Admission for a MBBS Degree you must be at least 17 years old and maximum 35 years of age. Providing fake or fraudulent information about a student's age will result in civil and/or criminal action.
For to get admission MBBS in China September 2013 intake please do not waste your time to wonder here and there just contact us to get best and prompt admission services. We are always to keen for to find a best destination for your potential studies in the China. MBBS in China studies is just one click away from you please have call us. Any student who is willing to become a Doctor from china , must contact us.
CME Consultants, feel pleasure to provide optimum  information about MBBS in China for Pakistani and Afghani Students September 2013 intake. We guide international students to study MBBS in China in various Chinese Medical Universities. CME-Consultants will be with you at each step.
Pre-Admission Services : Our services are expanded one to one career counseling, choosing and selecting courses and universities. We also analyze and sort out application requirements for admission processing, assist & resolve credit transfers or exemptions. We also provide students visa guidance and assist in their visa applications plus student accommodation, making it easier for our students to be comfortable and confident to study abroad and gain competitive degrees in their own field.
Post-Admission Services : We also make arrangements in travel assistance, ticket booking. Students will be received at airport in China by our University officials. Our services also include student’s registration at the specified University, regular feedback to parents on student’s development. We also handle special travel arrangements for parents to visit the students once in a year. 
China Student Visa : Ready to Study MBBS in China? Remember that you need to get a student visa. There are various ways to acquire a Student Visa. You can either visit your closest Chinese Embassy directly or our franchisee agents will help you. An overseas student can submit the visa application form ‘JW 202’ at the nearest Chinese Embassy.“When filling the Chinese visa application form, one should be very careful. Giving incomplete or wrong information makes the form eligible for rejection. The rules in respect of this are very strict.”
china visa
Students going to China for medical to obtain a student visa or X visa from a Chinese embassy or consulate in their country of residence. A Chinese student visa is usually quite easy to obtain. The main document required is the JW202 form (original). This document is issued by the Chinese Ministry of Education. CME-Consultant will ship the document to accepted students after they have paid the necessary fees. Chinese embassies in certain countries also insist on a medical examination report prepared by a recognized hosiptal in their country.
A visa is issued initially. Students are required to obtain a residence permit once they enter China. The University/College will assist you in obtaining the residence permit. A multilple entry residence permit is issued to students. Student can enter/exit China as and when they want to during the validity of the residence permit.
For Parents/Guardians who want to accompany their wards to the University?  Parents wishing to accompany their Children to China for short trips should apply for a tourist visa or L visa at a Chinese embassy or consulate in the country of residence. Requirements for tourist visa vary. Chinese embassies in certain countries might ask you to produce return flight tickets, hotel reservation slips, bank statements etc.
Visa requirements : When you apply for a Visa, please make sure you have the following : 
  • Official enrollment or Admission Letter from the University of your choice. CME-Consultants Team will send you this letter via courier.
  • Your original copy of “JW202” form. CME-Consultants will send you this form via courier as soon as we receive your full payment and have confirmed your placement into the Chinese Medical University of your choice.
  • Valid passport with at least 6 months remaining before the expiration date.
  • At least one blank page in your passport.
  • 6- recent passport-size photos
  • Visa Application form.
  • Visa application fee.
The visa processing time is 4 to 7 working days; however, you may also choose to expedite your visa application for an additional cost. CME-Consultants Team recommends that you apply for your visa as soon as you have all of the requirements together in order to ensure that you reach in time for the semester in China.CME-Consultants will be with you at each step.
The Services CME-Consultants offer entail walking you through the entire process of selecting the right educational institution for yourself. We can:
  • Facilitate you with the latest on educational institutes around the world.
  • Help and advise you select courses that suit you best.
  • Assist you in the student application process.
  • Obtain confirmation letter from the University for you.
  • Provide visa assistance.
  • Arrange for travel and stay abroad.
  • Provide orientation programs.
  • Provide guidance in career development on your return to Pakistan.
  • Help you with handling pre-departure and post arrival issues.
  • Help you make the most of your stay in a foreign country by providing excellent career counseling services.
  • Guide you in preparation of admission and visa documentation and making sure you meet all the requirements.
All our Universities are : Located in Best Cities in China.
  • The medium of instruction is completely and properly in English.
  • Teaching English in all our medical institutions since 1975.
  • All institutions are excellence for medical education.
  • Guaranteed Admissions if the candidate is eligible.
  • Very Low tution Fee and hostel expenses.
  • Easiest visa [100% guaranteed].
  • Very safe from racial problems.
CME-Consultants is providing the most updated information and consulting guideline without any cost . We are always here to support you for your "way to success".

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