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In Pakistan: Private Medical University fees are too expensive for the average Pakistani student , the dream of becoming a Doctor was only within the reach of the well-off that is, until 2003, when Chinese universities touting low tuition threw open their doors to them. The cost of education in the universities in CHINA is highly regulated and subsidized by the Ministry of Public Health of the Chinese Govt. They are very reasonable in contrast to the other universities in Pakistan and abroad.
MBBS study in China is the most affordable study abroad:Going abroad for doing MBBS was never this easy before! Thanks to China that today it has become extremely easy and so possible to get an opportunity for studying medicine in one of the most reputable and economically stable countries of the world. Countless students from all over the world are making this smart decision of studying MBBS in China and Pakistani Students can never stay behind or miss this amazing opportunity. The benefits are countless and the rewards are endless.
By studying MBBS in China, one is not only making an effort to learn medicine from the most qualified, practicing doctors but also ensuring a bright future ahead, be it any part of the world. The fact that Chinese MBBS degree is recognized worldwide as well as approved by PMDC, makes it an even more appropriate and sound option especially for those students who are planning to settle outside Pakistan.
So if you haven’t decided on a country for your MBBS degree yet then do consider China and think of all the advantages you are going to have while furthering your studies in such a developed country. The best thing about doing MBBS in China is that there are several top of the notch universities offering MBBS degrees to foreign students at extremely economical rates.
The system of higher education in China is well formulated and advanced and on par with the western countries. Many of the courses are now offered with the medium of instruction in English. Evaluation of the performance of the student is designed in such a way that the progress of the student, in mastering the subjects included in the curriculum is monitored objectively and in detail. The number of weekly tests and examinations to be taken during every academic year is strictly formulated by the head of the institution. Performance of the students in the tests is evaluated as "PASSED" or "FAILED" and in examinations as "EXCELLENT", "GOOD", "SATISFACTORY" or "FAIL". Students who accumulate a number of arrears valuable. August - September of every year is the beginning of the academic year in China, thus Top schools in China invites all potential students to join the prestigious higher educational institutes to secure their seats well in advance.
The People's Republic of China has grown in the field of education with a startling pace. It has grown into an international educational hub. Students from all over the world, come stocking to the country in order to get higher education. Study in China is beneficial in many ways. First of all, the cost of education in China is very low. Medical education is one of the most expensive fields of education in the entire world. China, on the other hand, provides amazingly high quality education at a very reasonable cost. A Chinese degree is highly respected all over the world and all the institutes in China are internationally approved.
Keeping in mind the large number of medical students that come from all over the world, Chinese have now introduced English language as the main medium of instruction in many of its educational universities. It allows international students to study in a quality environment of international standard at a relatively low cost. Moreover, the faculty of Chinese universities is highly experienced and well qualified. They also have state of the art equipment for the purpose of teaching. The lab facilities are of amazingly superior quality and all the equipments and machinery meet the international standards.
If you are a Pakistani student aiming to pursue higher education in China, our team is going to help you in achieving that goal. The decision to leave your country and move abroad is undoubtedly, a tough one. We will make sure that you pass through all the stages of application, admission procedure, documentation and immigration without any hassles and frustrating visits to one place or another. Our site will provide you with all the necessary information that will assist you in moving closer to your dream career, without any difficulties or hurdles. CME-Consultants will be with you at each step. Feel free to contact us, if you have any queries about study MBBS in China.

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